July 3, 2018



   Hello Gorgeous! I am soo excited to be starting my blog! I am so happy to bring everyone along on this ride! I have wanted to do this for some time now but would always seem to talk myself out of it! Then I would sit here and ask myself why? I mean you never know where something might take you till you start, or try something new! I hope to influence the people all around me and make others feel beautiful just the way they are by just showing how a new outfit can change a day around! Fashion and Traveling are two things I have a strong passion for! Fashion is a way you can express yourself and just feel beautiful and just be your own unique you! I feel a good outfit can definitely make you feel so much better about yourself! I hope to be a positive influence on others and just influence others to love themselves just the way they are! 



Much love 




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~a fashion and travel blog by Hannah Weaver~

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