The Best Low Carb Chicken Alfredo

I have always loved Italian food and Alfredo is one of those that I love! When I thought buying a jar of Alfredo was a good idea I was so wrong it's not like the jars of spaghetti sauce that will be decent. So I decided I needed to create a Alfredo sauce that would be satisfying yet easy to make. I have finally mastered it and thought I definitely need to share this with the world! This is one of my favorite recipes by far and it's so simple.

So this time I made it with spaghetti squash but you can definitely make it with any of your favorite noodles. I personally love it with cheese tortellini or ravioli.

So first to make the spaghetti squash. (for a healthier lower carb option)

1. Cut the squash in half

2. Remove the seeds and center ( I use a fork and sometimes spoon to dig it all out)

3. Place in a 9x13 baking dish with water (about 1/3 full of water)

4. Place in oven on 400 degrees for about 20-30 mins depending on your oven (Mine is usually done in about 20-25 mins

When its ready it will be easy to remove with a fork! Just use the fork and scrape the sides. If it's done this is very easy to do. I like to add butter to mine after removing it and putting in the bowl.

Cajun Chicken

So I love to season my chicken with Cajun seasoning. Really any at the store is fine. It will add a little spice to the recipe but not to much! You can season your chicken with any seasoning you would like this is just what I prefer.

1.Bake @375 for 20-25 mins depending on thickness of your chicken breast

1. Melt butter with minced garlic

2. Whisk in Flour

3.Slowly add chicken stock while whisking

4.Bring to a boil

5.Whisk in milk

6.Bring to a boil

7.Add cream cheese (I would say add the 4oz and see what you think) I personally like mine to be very creamy so I always add more

8.1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese (If you don't have cheese on hand it will still taste good without it)

9.Add the salt and pepper (don't forget this step or it will definitely taste like something is missing.)

<you can add more milk and cream cheese easily to this recipe if you feel it needs either>

This is all the Ingredients that I used. I just buy the powdered chicken stock (1-tsp powder to one cup hot water)

Melt the butter with the minced garlic. I didn't take a picture with the minced garlic but it is fine to put it in there with the butter.

After the butter is completely melted add in the flour and whisk till mixed up well.

Add chicken stock slowly while whisking. Then bring to a boil.

Then add the milk an mix well. Bring back to boil.

Add Cream Cheese and whisk till smooth. If you don't have a whisk it will be kinda lumpy. (add 4oz first to see if you like the thickness of it) I always add more cause I like mine very creamy.

Add Parmesan cheese along with salt and pepper. Mix till smooth. Taste to see if you added enough seasoning. Now time to serve.

You can always add more cream cheese at the end if you realize you want more. I do this all the time.

The finished product! Yumm so good. I Promise you will love this and keep making it! Make sure to pin it to your board so you will always have it. I would love to answer any questions you have! Always feel free to dm me!

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