Which Sandals to stay at in the Bahamas

Since I have been to both the Sandals in the Bahamas I've had some request to do a blog post to compare the two! Honestly I loved both and you really can't go wrong with either one! First I will talk about each vacation and then at the end I will compare. . I'm going to share the Sandals in Nassau first. We went there on our honeymoon 4 years ago. We Absolutely loved everything about our honeymoon!

Sandals Royal Bahamian

We were there in July for a week right after our wedding. So July 16,2015 is when we arrived. We also had a butler for this week because, why not its your honeymoon right?! They give you a cell phone when you get there and you can literally call your butler at anytime for anything! When you pay for the butler rooms at the Royal Bahamian they pick you up at the airport in a Rolls Royce. Which was so nice. Bare with me on the pictures I wish I would have taken more. I didn't blog at the time and was on my honeymoon so I wasn't taking a ton of pictures.

We had a suite so we had a living room/bar area then bedroom and bathroom! It was a very large room. The pictures above was right outside our bedroom! It was very secluded and quiet. We actually took a nap one afternoon on those floats! I wish I would have taken more pictures and taken some of the inside. Our room was also located in the best spot right outside was the pool and the beach we didnt have to walk far at all.

This beach is very calm and clear! We stayed on the beach most of the time cause I mean when a beach is this pretty i'm definitely not going to be at the pool.

This is a better view of the beach. This view was from outside of the gym area. The gym also is very nice and looks over the ocean. I didn't work out on my honeymoon but if you needed to work out you have a great view.

One thing I really loved about this resort is they have a island you can go throughout the day I believe every 45 mins a boat comes and goes. We went to the island everyday. This picture was is on the island. They also have a pool and a beach side restuarant for lunch and of course a bar.

This is part of the beach on the island. We loved it over there really felt secluded like you were in a totally different place when you went over there.

We saw several sea turtles while over snorkeling off the island. Got this picture on the go pro and its still one of my favorites. This was both my husband and I's first time to see a sea turtle so it was pretty cool.

We did a candlelight dinner on the beach one night and I highly recommend! It was one of my favorite dinners while there.

This is some of the food we had all week! That creme brulee is the best I've ever had.

Sandals Emerald Bay (Exuma)

The water in Exuma is some of the prettiest water I've ever seen! Honestly nothing like it. I would literally just stare at it all day while at the beach. I never wanted to close my eyes cause its just not something you see very often. I woke up early everyday and couldn't wait to get on the beach for the day.

Just look at that water! literally so clear and amazing! You could walk out far and see straight to the bottom. That's my kind of water.

This was the view from out balcony. Opening the blinds to this view every morning I mean does it get any better than this? I enjoyed sitting on the balcony watching the storm roll in. It only rained one afternoon for a very short amount of time then it was sunny again. Honestly everyday I said to my husband I just can't get over the color of this water.

One thing I love about this resort is it has a gold course. No I don't play golf but, it was one of the most beautiful golf courses I had ever seen. The views were just stunning. We just took the trail and walked around the golf course.

Just so pretty. Yes it is so hot in the Bahamas in July but, nothing any different to Houston in July so i'm used to the heat. I will say after our walk I couldn't wait to get me a frozen drink and head to the ocean.

Ok by now you know the water is stunning and you really must go to see it for yourself one day. If you love the beach like I do you will absolutely love it.

This is the view as you walk out of the lobby. Amazing! The pool is large with a great swim up bar. Honestly we never got in the pool. When i'm at a beach like this you will not find me at the pool. Beach all day everyday.

There is another pool too that is the quiet relaxed pool. We only walked by it once and I never took a picture. Like I said im gonna be at the beach.

The pool bar! We would just come up from the beach and grab a drink then head back down to the ocean!

This is my favorite drink at sandals you can get it at any sandals just ask for the humingbird! So good got it first on our honeymoon and I think I drank at least one each day.

They keep the grounds are just stunning! Everything is well taken care of and something you can just dream your backyard will look like one day.

So so beautiful everywhere you look! We would just walk around looking at everything cause its just so beautiful.

Honestly the food was all amazing! One night we ate like 3 times cause we wanted to make sure and try all the restaurants they had! If you like wings the pub has some of the best wings we've ever had! I think we ate wings like 5 times while we were there! The perfect late night snack while on vacation.

I didn't take many pictures of food but these were some of my favorites.


The pool at night is so pretty. They always have some form of entertainment at night. One night they had a awesome chocolate night. Chocolate everything so good! The best chocolate martini! Yumm!

This is at the entrance. We always walked over that way around sunset so we could see it. Love me some palm trees.

Even better though this is sunrise! Like what?! Such a great photo op and was awesome to watch. I just sat my camera on a timer and so glad I got this awesome photo. There is just nothing like a sunrise. It's just so peaceful to me to get up for the sunrise.. We always get up at least once for sunrise. So worth it!

Also just so many great photo ops all around the resort! You literally could take pictures for dayss in different spots.

All in all this resort is basically heaven on earth. Honestly have no complaints at all and our stay was absolutely amazing. Picture perfect paradise like you literally stepped in a postcard!

Now I'm going to compare different things so you can kinda know the difference and decide which one a little better.

Butler Verses no Butler

*So I would say if you literally don't want to do anything and be able to lay on the beach or by the pool and get drinks and food brought to you get a butler.

*They are there to serve you and will do whatever you need or want

*They give you a cell phone when you arrive to call them at anytime

*They will escort you to dinner and take your pictures

*They will make any dinner reservations, spa etc for you

*Literally you want it you got it

*Check in will be fast and private

-For us personally we aren't that kind of vacationer. We don't mind getting up for drinks, food etc. We did enjoy it on our honeymoon but that's a once in a lifetime kinda thing and was nice to experience

Sandals Emerald Bay Sandals Royal Bahamian

*Stunning beach there is *Pretty beach we saw sea

just nothing like it. turtles

*No island * Another island to explore

*Not close to main land (Nassau) * In Nassau (close toAtlantis

(2-hour boat ride to Nassau) We went for the day to go

*Close to pig island to the waterpark and explore

*no swim up rooms *2 hr boat ride to pigs

*11 Restuarant's *Swim up rooms available *Golf Course *No Golf

*Normal car airport pickup *Rolls Royce airport pickup

All in all they are both amazing resorts! Sandals is by far one of the best all inclusive resorts you will ever go to! The people are all so nice and are there to truly make your experience amazing! The food is some of the best you will have at an all inclusive. To me yes it is worth the money and I know we will have more Sandals vacations in our future. Honestly I have nothing bad to say about either really depends on your personal preference. Honestly I would go back to either one in a heartbeat if the chance came about. If you have any questions at all feel free to dm me! I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions!


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