When in Maui

So most people dream of going to Hawaii one day! My husband and I were blessed to be able to go and spend almost two weeks in Hawaii! First Oahu then Maui! Which I will say was amazing and I could honestly stay in Hawaii well......forever haha! Maui is so lush and so beautiful and there is no way to even describe or show you pictures of just how beautiful it really is! Taking a good camera is an absolute must! There are so many photo ops everywhere in Hawaii and if you are like me you will want one to be blown up when you get home! I'm going to share with you things that we got to experience and things you must see and do while you are there!

This picture was taken by Blinnk Photography! They did a awesome job and was so nice working with them! I knew before going to Hawaii I wanted to get some pictures done. After lots of research these came out to be pretty reasonably priced and it turned out amazing! So definitely shoot them a email before you go. They will ask you the location you are staying at and will have someone to take your pictures accordingly! I promise it is so worth it! Like I said you never know when you will come back so get all the pictures and memories that you can!

Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour

This is a must in my book! It is definitely a more expensive thing to do, but honestly worth every penny! Honestly I can’t express to you the beauty you see! It’s just a very incredible experience to see things you can only see from a helicopter! Most people I talk to that didn’t do it wished they had! So just trust me and just do it! You only live once right and who know when you will be back! These pictures honestly don’t do it justice! I promise you will not regret it and all the incredible views!

Iao Valley

This is such a cool place to go! Very beautiful as you can see in the pictures! It’s a easy and quick thing to do you really only need about an hour if that really. Parking is only 5$ and then you can hike up to the needle then down to the river! Both are short very easy hikes!

Maui Tropical Plantation


Honestly you just can’t go to Hawaii and not go to a luau! You just have to! It’s so much fun and the food we had was good and the drinks just keep coming! Was a really cool experience and we had the most beautiful sunset!


So one night or day go to Lahaina and explore! It’s a really neat area to walk around with all kinds of shops and eating places! We ate dinner then walked around and even saw a beautiful sunset from here! So cool and a must while you are there! Also don’t forget to see the Lahaina banyan tree

It’s so cool and was planted in the 1800s so it’s huge!


So there is tons of snorkeling places all over the island the top few that I recommend are

Honolua bay (west Maui)

Kapalua bay (west Maui)

Black rock kaanapali beach (west Maui)

Molokini crater (get there by boat)

So all of these are great options for snorkeling in Maui! As we were there in the summer I’m not sure how it would be in the winter but these are definitely the top of the list if you enjoy snorkeling!

My advice would be to get to any of these places early as things do get crowded and some parking is more limited!

The molokini crater you will have to do an excursion but there are plenty of options depending on what you would like


So you are in Hawaii with some of the best hiking and awesome views that will leave you speechless! I highly recommend downloading the All Trails app for this! The good thing is you can look up ones you want to do before you go on your trip and save them on the app when you are ready to do them! There is trail guides, length, how to get there, where to park and basically anything you would need to know about the hike! I will also say the hiking through the road to Hana is the best but to do several you would definitely need to stay the night in Hana! Read my road to Hana guide here

Pipiwai Trail

The hike that we enjoyed the most was Pipiwai trail at the end of the road to Hana at the Haleakala state park! Honestly this hike is just beautiful so much to see and fairly easy. I honestly say this is a must do if you are doing the road to Hana! The waterfalls and beauty throughout this hike are just breathtaking!

While you are also at the Haleakala state park at the end of the road to Hana you must see the seven scared pools as well. It’s a easy hike down and just incredible! Just take it all in and don’t forget you camera!

Waihe’e ridge trail

I honestly would not recommend this one! It’s super hard (the app said moderate but I definitely say hard) and basically straight up from the beginning the whole time! If you are wanting a challenge then go for it but it’s a tough one I’m not gonna lie! It’s about a 5 mile round trip! If you are worried after doing the first steep incline at the beginning I’m warning you it doesn’t get easier! So beware! We saw some pretty views but I warn you when you get in the clouds just turn around and go down it’s not worth it you see nothing at the top! When we got in the clouds we still had a ways to go! My husband wanted to finish it so that’s the only reason we finished it! I did it for him! Now maybe on a clear day it would be nice but when we were here for a whole week and there wouldn’t have been anyday for this to be worth it cause the clouds tend to be on top on the mountains which block the views! Now down at the beach is beautiful and incredible! I’m all about the views I wanna see something beautiful and you don’t wanna waste your time while your at this beautiful place! So my advice do it till you get to the clouds then head back down if you wanna do some of it! Cause those views are pretty then just stop! Promise!

Nakelele blowhole!

This is so cool and so easy to get down to! I would say you must do this! Unfortunately the day we did it was raining so we didn’t go very far down due to this being the day we flew back home! I didn’t get to see the heart shaped rock but this one is on your AllTrails app and tells you how to get there


Kaanapali beach

This is where you will see the black rock for snorkeling we parked at the whalers village area where there is lots of shopping and eating and made our way down to the beach

Napili beach

Big beach (Makena state park)

Red sand beach (hana)

Black beach (Hana)


Slappy Cakes

Sea House Restuarant

Monkey Pod

Teddy's Bigger Burgers

Ohana seafood bar and grill


Kaanapali beach

Big beach makena state park

black sand beach (road to hana)

red sand beach (road to hana)

Must see and do

Helicopter tour

iao valley

maui tropical plantation

banyan tree

sunset on kaanapali beach



Nakele blowhole

road to hana

Waihee ridge trail


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