What to wear in Cabo

What to pack for Cabo? I got you covered. First I mean it is the beach so pretty simple to pack for I feel like. I always pack a couple swimsuits with a couple cover-ups. I mean you never know which one your gonna want to wear. Then I always pack a cute outfit for each night time dinner. I love dressing up and I especially love it when I travel. Some people are the opposite but, dressing up and putting together outfits is so fun to me. There is nothing better than cute summer beach outfits! They are some of my favorites. Now to get to what I wore. We were there from Saturday-Wednesday.

This one I wore to dinner the first night! Such a perfect dress for so many things. Perfect for the beach so lightweight.

This one I wore to dinner on Sunday night and got so many compliments! It's one of my favorite skirts for sure.

This jumpsuit I actually wore our final night in Cabo. Such a lightweight and flowy jumpsuit. We went and ate at the Sunset Monalisa! I highly recommend this place. The food was great and the view was just absolutely incredible.

I actually wore this one on the plane to Cabo. Since the plane ride for us is only a little over 2 hours it was perfect. I wanted to be ready for the beach when I got there. Such a perfect cute comfy look! I love a good dress like this one! The best part it's only 20$

I wore this one morning to breakfast. I feel for breakfast you can always wear your swimsuit with a cover-up or just throw something on. I mean more than likely you will be at the pool all day anyways.

I wore this out to the town on Sunday during the day! We walked from out resort. Its really the perfect two piece set! the pants had gotten wet and sandy from walking but you can't even tell because it brushed off and dried so quickly. Definitely something perfect to take along to the beach.

I wore this Monday night! I can't get enough of two piece sets this season. I just think they are so cute. I mean a outfit with tassels?! Count me in!

I also will link below other things that I packed that I didn't get a picture in or that I didn't get to wear. All my swimsuits and cover-ups I wore.

These are two more outfits I didn't get to wear while I was there but would definitely be so cute for the beach.

All in all I packed just enough with a couple extras.... I feel extras is always a good thing as you never know what might happen and you need more clothes. I'm definitely the queen of overpacking but I have noticed if I plan my outfits I don't pack as much which is a good thing. My husband and I were able to just take one large suitcase together which made it so nice for the both of us.

All in all Cabo is so beautiful. I got very sick while being there so it wasn't the best vacation and then very sick when I got home. I will say we stayed at the RIU Palace in Cabo and I absolutely 100% would NOT recommend this resort. The food was just terrible as well as the drinks. The grounds, pools and rooms are nice and well kept but as for the rest not good at all. We met lots of people while being there that said the same thing and were very disappointed. It was a bummer as my husband and I were so excited to go to Cabo but hey you live you learn. We made the best of it considering. We will definitely need a do over in Cabo one day at a much different and better resort.

Feel free to send me any questions you might have in the comments or always feel free to message me as well!

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