One Week in Thailand

Phuket Thailand

So when I knew I was going to Bali one of the girls (@laurazee06) from the trip and I wanted to extend our trip out and head to Thailand. Which I mean how can you not want to go to Thailand?! We had never met before but we both were ready for the adventure together! We talked a lot while planning out our trip in Thailand. Then when we met we were instant friends we had so much in common it ended up being perfect! I made an amazing lifelong friend out of this too which was even better! Now on to our amazing week in Thailand!

Day 1

Simba sea trips sunrise phi phi islands

I mean look at that sunrise

The water is amazing and so clear! It's actually pretty warm water and some of the most salty water too! If you accidentally swallow some you basically feel like you swallowed a whole salt shaker! So make sure to drink lots of bottled water which is provided on the boat! This day gave me all the feels! Just felt so blessed to be able to experience this amazing place! It's like a postcard and of course even better in person.

Anybody want a Pina Colada?

This beach though!! The only other place I've seen water like this is in the Bahamas!

This tour was absolutely so amazing something I highly recommend! This company as well I have to say is one of the best! It’s a much smaller group than any of the other ones you will find. Even though it was a early sunrise tour (pick up was at 4:30am) it was so worth it! It was so beautiful and we had a lot less people around when we were at each spot we stopped at since you leave so early! They have lunch ready for you on a beach and you can get a pina colada in a pineapple or coconut! Does it get any better!!? We loved this tour so much we booked another boat tour with them for later in the week! Check the tours they offer here

Karon Beach Sunset

This sunset was just stunning we just kept watching and it as it just kept getting better and better! One of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen! Highly recommend Karon beach for sunset! The cotton candy sky was just incredible!

Day 2

Sightseeing tour Phuket

These pictures were from the first two stops on the tour! Both incredibly beautiful and perfect photo ops!

Next we saw the Big Buddha. The view looking down was beautiful! It was so cloudy up there that day but kinda gave the Buddha a cool effect! If you have shorts on you will have to put a skirt on that they provide.

This beautiful temple was next. We stayed here for about 20mins or so which was plenty of time to get a picture and look at a couple shops that was around there.

This was the honey bee farm we went to next! We saw how they make the honey and they showed us lots of cool things you would never know. They had lots of different honey snacks to take home!

So this tour started around 7:30am they picked us up and we were on our way! This tour is a great way to see Phuket without paying much! It was only 50$ and we actually got to see more that what was listed on the trip advisor booking. Some of it wasn’t as exciting but all in all for 50$ I think it was well worth it and it’s only half a day so you have the rest of the day to so whatever you want! Check out this exact tour here

Relaxing and Exploring

We got back to our resort early so we went to the pool and had a drink for happy hour then we headed to Patong street and beach for the evening!

We ate at a place called Wine Connection! It was so good and a great place for dinner! You had a view of the beach and a great atmosphere! We were there early so we had great service! Nothing like finishing a day with some wine

Lots of shopping and food everywhere to pick from! I will say you can see the sunset better from Karon beach (well you get the full view of it without anything blocking it) and karon beach isn’t as crazy as Patong beach. We also had a pedicure while we were there which was nice and relaxing and quiet! Patong gets a little crazy at night!

Day 3

Simba sea trips

James Bond island touR

Our First stop we got off to this amazing view and had a little breakfast if you wanted then we got in kayaks and our guide took us through caves. It was a really cool experience and something you wouldn't be able to see unless you were in a kayak!

It was a great start to this tour

Next up was a short boat ride to James bond island! So picturesque! We walked around took a few pictures then off to the next stop!

This was the next stop the floating island where we had lunch and could walk around and do some shopping! It was really cool and a great lunch stop! I mean honestly this view is just amazing!

We stopped at the littlest beach had some fresh fruit and just relaxed for a bit! It actually started pouring down rain but I mean your in Thailand. We just sat under the trees and waited for the storm to pass

We next stopped at a really cool spot where we jumped off the boat and went in a cave like spot! It honestly was like we were in a whole different world when we got to the other side! just so pretty and something you really just need to see!

This tour didn’t leave as early as the sunrise but still early! This one was just as amazing as the other tour we did with this company! Highly recommend them and would do it again for sure!

It truly is so incredible how the water was so green and a completely different color on this tour and how the phi phi islands its so blue! This world God created is just nothing but amazing!

Where we stayed In Phuket

We stayed at the Mandarava resort and spa in Phuket

I felt like it was such a great location and just so beautiful! Rooms were nice and honestly everything was very nice you could walk to Karon beach and the town to get something to eat easily which was great! Patong was a short cab ride away if you wanted to check that out

The Pools here are just incredible

View of Karon beach for the resort

The lobby was huge! This is just part of it. Now we are off to Chiang Mai for the rest of our trip in Thailand!

Day 4

Chiang Mai-Thailand

Elephant sanctuary

We choose the Ethical Elephant Sanctuary and it was so amazing! Highly recommend them. They came to pick us up that morning and we were on our way! It was kinda far but that was fine! We got there and just fed and played with the elephants. Then we went and changed and gave the elephants a mud bath! Which was really cool and so fun! They had lunch ready for us after we rinse off and changed clothes. We had lunch then we were all done! It was the perfect amount of time to be there. Such a cool experience and so awesome how gentle these huge animals are!

Thai cookery class

We booked the Best Thai cookery school

For our cooking class! He first picked us up and a couple more people on the way! We stopped by the market and could buy a couple things and things we needed for cooking dinner. Then we were off to the cooking school! We all had our own stations! The pad Thai was so good and I loved learning how to cook it! We enjoyed the people we met and the evening there.

The night Bazaar

After cooking class we got our driver to drop us off at the night bazaar where there is lots of shopping, eating everything you could want all around! Great place to go for any kind of souvenirs. I don't have any good pictures from this but its just like a big market place.

Day 5

Untouched Thailand

Ok so if you pick one tour this is the one you must go on! I can’t recommend it enough! Our guide was amazing and so nice! It’s basically a private tour all around chiang Mai and beyond we did and saw so much that day! It honestly was such a fun day! (I will say I booked this and they actually didn't show up at our hotel at 8 so we got a worker in the lobby of our hotel to call the number for this tour and someone was there at around 8:30. Definitely was a misunderstanding but they fixed it super fast and were so apologetic.) The people in Thailand are all so nice and will help you out in any way they can. I always felt safe while being there.

-08: 00 a.m. Pick up at your hotel lobby.

-8:40 a.m. Doi Suthep Temple on mountains-top ( Long dress is required for temple visit )

-9:00 a.m. Chiang Mai land mark and views point

-10: 00 a.m. Leave for Doi inthanon National Park

-11:30 a.m. Doi Inthanon National Park

-12:00 p.m. Diamond Waterfall (Wachirathan)

-Break for your lunch and taste real Thai food or later.

- 1:30 p.m. Royal project and winter flower gaden.

- 2:30 p.m. Hmong hill tribe market

- 3:30 P.m. Downhill jungle trekking through the rainforest to hidden waterfalls

- 5:00 p.m. Karen hill tribe village and experience their culture

- 5:20 p.m. Mountain coffee plantation and coffee drinks

- 6:50 P.m. get back to Chiang Mai

Day 6

Our last day. We laid by the pool then I went and got a massage and we saw another temple the only silver temple in Thailand which was cool and we kinda just walked around and just enjoyed our last day in Thailand! We also went and saw the long neck tribe and saw how paper is made from elephant poop (which actually was very interesting) Our guide that we had for the Untouched Thailand trip came back and took us to these places. He was so nice and very accommodating. Our flight left late this day so we just enjoyed the day as we were about to make our long long journey back home! Honestly you could do anything the last day cause our flights did not leave Thailand till around midnight.

Where we stayed

RarinJinda Wellness Spa Resort

This place was so nice and the perfect spot to stay in Chiang Mai! It was very spa like and just very peaceful! Had a awesome free breakfast every morning on the river which we really got to enjoy! It was delicious. The resort is close to the night bazaar where you could walk if you wanted to or get a quick cab there for very cheap! I think less than 5$

Recommendations for Thailand

-always have cash! Most everything you do they need cash and don’t take cards. Which was fine we just got more cash at the ATM

-if you want to go in temple make sure to have a long dress and something to cover your arms as well

If you have any questions at all about Thailand or what we did please feel free to message me or comment below! We had a blast in Thailand and we planned this whole trip ourselves and had everything booked before we left. Some people may think you need a travel agent but with research and some time I believe we planned the perfect trip to Thailand. All in all this is a jammed packed schedule in Thailand. We still had time to explore a little. I honestly wouldn't have changed a thing. I loved everything we did and I would do it all again in a heartbeat without question. Ooh Thailand you definitely have a piece of my heart. Also everything that is underlined and pink you can click on and it will take you to the direct link that I booked from when planning this trip.

Much Love,



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