One Week in Bali

So as I start writing this post about Bali it brings back so many amazing memories. I will be forever grateful and feel so blessed to have experienced this amazing place with some even more amazing people! Now I have to give the planing of this trip all to @lesleyannemurphy she is the real MVP here! She really out did herself when planning this amazing trip around the world with strangers meeting all in this incredible place! Her #limitles series is going to be amazing and I'm so happy I got chosen to go on her first ever limitles trip! I have been asked several times about what we did there and where we went and I am so happy to be able to share this with everyone! It truly was a trip of a lifetime and I can not wait to take my husband back one day! It's such a perfect place to go on a honeymoon, with family, or group of friends the options are endless in bali!

Monday October 15

Cooking Class at Mexx Cooking School

If a cooking class is something you want to do while in Bali which I definitely would recommend doing! This one is awesome! It was put together so well and we really got to learn how they cook and prepare the food there! The corn fritters were soo good and one of my favorite things we made! We all had so much fun cooking with each other then getting to eat our meal we had prepared at the end! Definitely a lot of fun and would be great to do as a couple or just friends or a group of people like we were! We just did the half day and that is more than enough time to learn and also be able to explore some throughout the rest of your day!More info click Here

Tanah Lot Temple for sunset and low tide blessing

This was so beautiful and definitely something that is cool to see! As you can see I must have been very happy to be getting blessed in Bali! So beautiful and the perfect ending to the day! There is also lots of little shops close by to walk around after it gets dark or before sunset as well! I recommend getting there early so you can experience the amazing sunset at its best!

Tuesday October 16 : Northern Bali

Tour, tasting and Lunch at Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation

Ok if this isn't the perfect lunch spot I don't know what is?! The views were absolutely spectacular! You can actually stay here too! It would be the perfect spot to stay a couple days if you are on your honeymoon I think its the perfect setting for sure! We had lunch and toured the plantation which is amazing! I don't drink coffee but I definitely enjoyed myself here!

I mean this is everything! Literally a dream and picture perfect!

So I would definitely say a stop here should be on your list to do at least a tour and of course to take a couple instagram worthy pictures!

Hidden Hills Wanagiri Swing

These swings are a awesome photo opportunity! The views were endless and truly so incredible. All you do is pay a entrance fee and stay as long as you want with as many pictures as you want as well! The pictures say it all! Such an amazing spot! You just cant go to bali and not come back with pictures in a swing!

Banyumala Twin Waterfall

So this waterfall is a must! Its basically something you would see on a postcard and just want to go! It's a bit of a hike to get down to it but its so worth it! I mean just look at these pictures! Need I say more?

Handara Golf Gate

This is the perfect place for a quick picture. Nothing really more! Def a cool spot for a picture though.

Mt Batur sunrise Trek

This trek/hike is really tough! It was definitely one of the hardest hikes I have done. If i'm being honest I would not recommend it unless you are in really good shape. I was so sore the next day that is kinda made the next day tough and not as enjoyable. I mean if it's something you have always wanted to do then yes go for it. Otherwise sleep in and go to some hot springs. (we had to get up at 1:30 am for this hike)

Toya Devasya - Mt Batur healing hot springs

This hot springs is amazing! Just look at these pictures! I would highly recommend this spot! Even if you just stop in for some drinks in the springs as this is what we did. It was perfect after that hike. I may have needed a couple of drinks after that one . Check out the website here.

Yoga Barn 90 minute flow

So I'm not a yogi by any means. Far from it really. It was cool to experience this though even though I was very sore this day I still did it. ( I prob should have gotten a massage instead) So if you like yoga or you just want to experience this in Bali go for it!

Ubud Monkey Forest

Oohh the monkey forest! Well the monkey are absolutely plentiful. They will scare you in a heartbeat though. As you can see below haha. It was cool walking through for a bit though and I think it's only like 3$ so why not? Be careful though these monkeys will do whatever if they want something you have. I would recommend only taking your phone for pictures inside. Check it out here.

Lunch at Akasha

This place is just beautiful! I was sick this day and couldn't eat anything but everyone said the food was absolutely amazing. I really wished I could have eaten what I ordered it looked so good. Everything is clean and organic which is awesome! The views are amazing and something I highly recommend if you go! Check it out here.

Tegalalang Rice field

Must do! This rice field is like nothing you have ever seen in your life! Let me tell you it is incredible! The pictures honestly don't even do it justice! You really just have to go! You will love it. Absolutely picture perfect! Check it out here

Tirta Empul Temple

As I was sick this day I didn't get in the water at the temple But everyone that did enjoyed it. It was so pretty here which that is Bali everywhere you turn such gorgeous things to see! More about the temple here

Nusa Penida ~Manta Bay~ Boat day

This was a day Boat tour we did. I honestly can't recommend it enough though! It was picture perfect and such a fun day! I love any kind of boat days. There is lots of tours to choose from that go to Nusa Penida. You will find lots that can fit what you are looking for

Crystal Bay

Kelingking Beach

Saturday October 20 : Bali Pink Ribbon Walk Day

Bali Pink Ribbon Walk in Nusa Dua. Lesley led the warm up for this then we were off! I'm not much of a runner so I walked with a lot of others. It was some kind of hot this day. So it was nice to walk and enjoy the company of others! It was so awesome to give back to the Bali community of women as we donated many mastectomy bras to the Balinese women!

Dinner at Soleil (The Mulia Nusa Dua)

This dinner was so good and I mean a pink chocolate fountain at dinner?! So awesome. You can actually stay here as it's a resort but we just had dinner and it was so worth it! They have a awesome salad bar and awesome drinks. Would be a perfect place for a nice dinner if you are here with your husband or even your family and friends.

Where we stayed - Villa Wiljoba

The villa we stayed at was absolutely amazing! Plenty of room for all 14 of us! If you have a big family and want to go to Bali this would be a perfect place to get for the week! I don't have any pictures of the inside but it was just as amazing. Honestly your in Bali I promise you aren't going to be staying inside! To much amazing things to see and do! I will link the villa here! Lots more pictures there.

So all in all Bali is a must do trip! Honestly its pretty cheap when you get to Bali and I feel you can go for as cheap or as expensive and luxurious as you want to here! The options of hotels to villas to all in between are endless here! Soo many different options and so much beautiful scenery! Be ready to sweat cause its hot here. So many options to cool off though which is great! Any and all questions are welcome! Bali is such a gem and I can't wait to go back one day! Also on another note if you every get the opportunity to go on a limitles trip with Lesley just do it! Its beyond worth it and you will forever be so happy you went! She is such an amazing person to travel with and the group of women she picked for this trip was so perfect! Until next time!

Much love,



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