Road to Hana Guide

First and most important Things you Must bring on this Journey


-Car charger for phone(for the app cause you Won't have service)


-Phone with app already downloaded

-Paper map with points you must see(your phone map more than likely will not work)


-a change of clothes and shoes cause it rains basically everyday in hana and your shoes are sure to be muddy as ours were! (good thing is your final stop at the end has a place to change if you are muddy or want to get out of your swimsuit if you went swimming)

So get ready for the most curvy adventurous road you have/will probably ever drive down! I can’t stress enough that this drive will take you all day and there is no way that you can stop at every place! But I’m going to write a little about some spots and what you absolutely have to do!

**Must buy this app below for the Road to Hana. It's a huge help when spotting things throughout the journey.. and you don't need signal or data while using this app

App to purchase- -Road to Hana Maui Gypsy Guide I believe its like 5.99$ but I promise you won't regret it! definitely made our experience a lot easier!

Some will say stay a night in Hana so you can experience more which I would recommend. We didn’t do this just cause it was more difficult to change places and what not! But if you are big on experiencing a lot on the road to Hana stay the night cause I promise you will not do this drive more than once while you are here unless you are here a lot longer!

The Travessa hotel looks really nice and I think it would be a great place to stay for a night and there is food around to eat I know places close early so if you need anything I recommend bringing it with you!

I will also tell you that you will have no cell phone service basically throughout the whole day! You might get certain messages that come through but more than likely any that you try and send will not go through! Which to me is great just the more reason to enjoy the drive to Hana!

Also a good thing about snap chat I had all kinds of pictures and videos throughout our journey! They didn't load until we completed our drive back and we got past Paia town but I had them all and could save them all when we got back to our condo! I really like snapchat videos cause it keeps you more aware of the length and you can make them short and sweet!

With that being said make sure if you have any places that you must see or do have them on a map on paper cause I promise your map will not pull up or work during this drive (something I wasn't aware of before we went!)

Ok now let's begin this wonderful adventurous journey! Ooh I almost forgot! Start early I would recommend leave wherever you are staying on Maui around 7. We left a little later and wish we would have left at 7! So grab a quick to go breakfast from Mcdonald's and start your journey!

Paia town!

This town is so cute and would be so fun to explore but don’t recommend doing this first thing if you have time on the way home do it then or come back another day and see it since it’s not to far! Some people like to do it the day they head home since it’s not to far from the airport

Hookipa Park—surfing

This is a really cool spot to watch surfers but I promise there is going to be lots of stops on the way so I would either stop on the way back or come back another day while you are here since it’s not to far!

Jaws- surfing

This is another big surfing area in Maui where only the most advanced surfers go to! They big have competitions here and would be fun to see! Definitely something I say see with the ones I have mentioned above! Maybe make a day to come back to see all of these or do it your last day in Maui

Twin falls-waterfalls

So this one we were going to do but didn’t have any parking close so we kept going which I’m glad we did cause there is so much to see and you will see plenty of waterfalls without seeing this one! It’s about a 1.5 mile hike there and back which isn’t bad but honestly I think it’s a good idea to keep going to get ahead of people

Rainbow Eucalyptus- trees

They are absolutely beautiful and a easy quick stop to take a couple pictures around mile 7 but if there is too many people around wait and you can see these at the keanae arboretum

Waikamoi Ridge-trail

So this one is about .9 mile there and back so not to far and I would say if it’s early stop and do it cause it won’t take you too long but if it’s raining like it was when we went through we just kept going and we were ok with it

Garden of Eden

This is a stop you can do but it’s one that you will have to pay for.. we did not stop here but I do bet it’s beautiful there

Kaumahina Park

Great place to stop for the restrooms and also a good place to take a photo! It wasn’t the clearest the day we were there but hopefully it will be better for you!

Keanae arboretum

I would say definitely stop here! It’s a free stop and you can see the rainbow eucalyptus trees close up and get a couple pictures and you don’t have any hiking around here so it’s so easy!

Down to Keanae

It’s beautiful down here and I would definitely stop for a couple pictures you won’t be here long but I think it’s worth the stop it’s beautiful... we stopped at two different places and both so beautiful

Keanae viewpoint

It’s so beautiful and you will see everything you were just down at from above so worth a quick stop

Waianapanapa park

Must stop must see! It’s so so beautiful! The black sand beach is definitely a picturesque spot!

**There food stops before you get to Hana and a few In Hana I would say the ones before Hana look great or when you get to Hana there is Hana ranch restaurant that is supposed to be pretty good as well!

Red sand beach

I think this would be a cool spot to see! We didn’t stop here but look it up on the map and have it marked and look for it as the app I suggested you get does not say anything about it till on the way back

Koki beach!

Drive through here and stop if you would like supposed to be one of the best beaches around we drove through here didn’t stop but wouldn’t take long for you to stop! You can see if from the road though but the person driving wouldn’t be able to

Wailua falls

Must stop here! So this stop is a easy quick stop more than likely you will see people taking pictures here. So just stop snap a couple pictures then you can continue the journey

Haleakala National Park

Absolutely must stop! If you have gone to see the sunrise at Haleakala more than likely you already have a parking pass which is good for 3 days so save it when you go! It’s 25$ if not and they only accepted a card when we were there!

Oheo (seven sacred pools)

An absolutely must see this spot is so incredibly beautiful and just unreal! It’s a short little hike to it and you will definitely hear it as you walk!

Pipiwai trail

So this is about a 4 mile hike round trip but I promise you it is so worth it! It’s a stunning hike with waterfalls throughout, banyan tree, bamboo forest and then the massive waterfall at the end! So make sure you make it here so you have time to do it and get back on the road if you are driving out of Hana the same day

I hope this helps you on your journey through the road to Hana! Just remember it's not about getting to Hana. It's about the journey there! Have fun, take lots of pictures, and explore lots of amazing beauty on Maui! Take it all in and enjoy the moments cause you will definitely see some of the most beautiful places you have ever seen!

If you have any questions at all feel free to ask me!

Much love,



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