I had never been to Jamaica so when one of my best friends decided to get married there I was more than excited! A wedding in the Caribbean I mean does it get any better?! Besides when I get the opportunity to travel I jump and say when and where and I’m there! Or as they say in Jamaica “yea mon”

I mean look at this beautiful photos! What is better than palm trees and a Caribbean breeze!

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and a blast! So blessed to have such a awesome best friend and be able to share her wedding in Jamaica with her! If you are looking to get married in Jamaica and need a resort for kids and adults this place will not disappoint! They are so accommodating and there is so many options when picking where your ceremony is throughout the property!

The Resort

To say this result was huge is almost a understatement. I’m not even sure that I can describe to you how large it was. The good thing is you can walk off some of that extra food and maybe a couple extra drinks that you may have had. But I mean who’s counting! It’s vacation enjoy yourself! Are you with me?! I take lots of pictures and plan on sharing lots of pictures from each vacation! I love seeing pictures when I’m thinking about going somewhere and it’s a huge factor on me deciding which place to stay!

So this is the entrance of the resort yes I know massive, but so beautiful! I had the blessing of my brother and sister in law traveling with my husband and I. My sister in law was the photographer for the wedding so it was awesome to have them come along with us!


So let’s talk about the pools! I mean come on how can you not?! It definitely screams vacation and is actually the largest pool in all of Jamaica! This isn’t even all the pools at the resort. The kids area is awesome and a very family oriented Jamaican resort which is great for so many! I loved how there is so many options at this resort! There is also an all adult pool and beach if you are wanting that option.

All the shade of blue you can imagine in the beautiful waters and not to mention some of the most amazing sunsets you’ve ever seen

I mean does it get any better than this?! It never ceases but to amaze me!

This is the entrance going to your room! I know so beautiful! And looking out our balcony the all adult beach! Can’t get enough of all the luscious green landscape!

The room was very spacious with plenty of room to relax and enjoy!


These are from two of the many restaurants on the grounds! 7 al la Carte restaurants, 3 buffet restaurants and 13 bars throughout the massive resort to be exact. The jerk hurt in the first picture! A must to try the jerk chicken! Its some of the best chicken I’ve ever had. Yum I can taste it now! The second is from the hibachi one of the only restaurants they recommend making a reservation for but it was so worth it! I love hibachi and this one certainly did not disappoint!

All the food I had that week was amazing except for the pizza at the Italian restaurant. I’m not sure what happened there, but there is many other options that are tasty! There are so many food options to choose from and you are sure to find something to please everyone! There is some requirements for dress code at certain restaurants! I love dressing up and getting all cleaned up after being in the sun and sand all day so this is a great thing for me


I always enjoy doing a couple of excursions just to experience the place I’m at and get the most out of my trip! We decided on two different excursions!

Dunn’s River Falls–Catamaran and snorkel

Dunn’s river falls was a lot further from our resort than we had anticipated but it was so fun just plan on being gone all day if you pick this one! A bus picked us up at the resort and we were on our way! We had a great guide on our bus that explained a lot about Jamaica and would answer any questions asked! Now as for the driver we’ll a bit scary but that is the norm in Jamaica! Just be prepared and don’t be surprised by anything! We finally arrived at our destination and they had lunch prepared for us which is included in the fee! Ok so now it was time to board the catamaran! Yay!


The snorkeling was fun! Well let’s be honest it’s some kinda hot in Jamaica! Now I do love the hot I mean I am from Texas so hot is something I’m used to and I enjoy! It was a bit hot this day so we were all ready to jump in and cool off a bit! The snorkeling at this particular spot we really didn’t see much. I have seen much better snorkeling! But hey the water felt great so who really cares haha!

The falls

Now it was time to climb the falls! Which we were so excited about! This was so much fun and most likely a once in a lifetime experience! The falls are huge and we climbed up them! So make sure to take some water shoes as they won’t let you climb them unless you have some! You can also rent some if need be! It was so beautiful and refreshing!

Now it was time to board back on the catamaran and cruise back to our bus! They are there to entertain you and the fun definitely didn’t end at the falls

It’s an all inclusive kind of excursion which is my jam! Rum punch for everyone! Even though it was only about a 30-45 min ride back to the bus it was so entertaining and fun! So all in all I would recommend this excursion and just be prepared to have a good time and enjoy yourself! Yea mon!

Negril Margaritaville & Ricks Cafe

So the next excursion we decided on was going to Negril to Margaritaville and ricks café. It was only about a 45 minute drive so that wasn’t bad at all! The taxi driver will also take you to local shopping places if you want to go! He was very accommodating and answered so many questions we had along the way! First stop Margaritaville!

We stopped here for lunch and of course a Margarita! You can’t go to Margaritaville and not get a delicious margarita. So of course the nachos are mine. Mexican food is my weakness. I mean there is nothing like some good nachos and they definitely delivered on that note! My sister in law got the signature cheeseburger in paradise on this cute guitar. It was all delicious unfortunately a rain storm came in so we couldn’t enjoy much of the beach but It was still beautiful!

If you wanted you can take a horseback ride down the beach and also you can walk down the famous 7 mile beach of Negril. You will find lots of people trying to sell you things but they don’t keep bugging you after you say no. We didn’t walk to far cause of the storm that was coming in. I’ve heard the snorkeling and scuba diving in Negril is awesome, but we didn’t do that this trip but maybe one day! I love some good snorkeling!

Now we were off to Ricks Café! This is a famous bar and restaurant spot in Jamaica. Lots go to cliff jump or like me watch and wish I had the guts to jump! They are know for some of he most beautiful sunsets as well! We were not there long enough for the sunset though. As you can see this a great photo opp and if there was a beautiful sunset I can imagine just how gorgeous it would be! We had some awesome sunsets throughout the week at our resort so it was ok we didn’t see one here!

So many jumped while we were there! There is a range of different heights you can jump from. 10ft, 25ft, 35ft and 85 ft but the 85 foot one is only for professionals! We were lucky enough to be there when a professional was there to jump off of it which was really awesome to see! And all the other jumps are at your own risk but many were doing them like it was nothing. I’m very scared of heights so I may have been there forever to work up the courage to actually do it!

I do recommend to go if you are in Negril and have a day to go explore and want to see the famous spot! Just to prepare you since it is a bar it’s pretty loud while you are there as they are there to entertain you and for you to have a good time while you are there. We were there for a drink and just chilled and watched people jump for a while then we left! So it’s definitely something you can do and see within an hour or two.

–So all in all Jamaica is a absolutely beautiful place! I would recommend going to Jamaica if you ever get the chance! The memories will last a lifetime and there is Sure to be many laughs along the way! From feeling like you are melting from the sun to jumping in the refreshing ocean. To a bus ride where you aren’t sure at times will make it to your destination to the goats walking around on the side of the road. To the late nights and rum punch. To the breathtaking sunsets! Take someone you are happy to share these amazing memories with! Now it’s time to plan my next vacation! Thank you for stopping by and feel free to ask any questions!


~a fashion and travel blog by Hannah Weaver~







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